Week 1.   Follow YOur Rainbow

July  10 to 14

This week we explore locations around the world in a variety of media. Using subjects of distant exotic cities, landscapes, plants and animals, students develop ideas through drawings, printmaking, collage, and 3D sculpture. Each day starts off with an hour of Drawing basics to further develop students understanding, perception and skill in form, perspective, scale, shape recognition, shading, and several other drawing fundamentals. This leads into the projects of Mono Printing one of a kind images with a variety of textures and techniques in ink, Map Collage Paintings, using paper maps cut up into forms, added into your painting. Another special project of 3D sculpture is all about creating Little Worlds, a micro landscape, interior space, structure or habitat out of a variety of materials mounted on a base and viewed from all sides. Rounding out the week students experiment and play with printed material as a base for exploring the qualities of Text as Texture for a painting. 

Week 3.  A little Dab'll Do Ya 

July 24 to 28

​This week we focus on techniques and effects colour mediums have on a variety of surfaces and materials. Starting each day off with an hour of

Drawing Fundamentals as a jump off point, preparing for the various projects, enabling students to research and map out directions they want to explore.

Foam Stamp Prints are easy to make and a great way to to understand the art of printmaking with each student creating a limited edition of colourful unique images to share with friends and family.

A Soft Sculpture created from an acrylic painting, sewn and stuffed, makes for an  original  3D form unique to each student. Along with this is a project of Painted Ceramics which is an ancient and time honored way of painting that is both durable and decorative. Another medium that has a long history is Gold Leafing that students can apply to a painting in order to put in some sizzle with this reflective material, adding to  and highlighting areas of interest.

PAinting workshop 

5 Day Workshops For Adults 15 yrs.  and older

​August 7  to 11  or  August  14 to 18

Come and take some time to explore your creative side,   joining us for a week of painting in studio and outside   in lush rural  Campbellville,  Escarpment country. 

Learn how to develop your skills in several areas of drawing and painting with professional artist Allycia Uccello giving you time to explore the fundamentals of painting. Experiment with techniques in brush handling, color theory, colour mixing, highlights and shadow, masking, washes, resists, textural effects with several different media, thumb nail drawings, perspective, composition and much more. 

This is a perfect time of year to capture the light and forms that surround you using paint.


​​Brushes, paper and paint is included in the fee.
Bring a lunch and wear appropriate clothes to paint in. Register early as space is limited.

Special rates for overnight  accomodation available locally. Please inquire.

Sculpture workshop

5 day sculpture programs  

July 17 to 21   or  July 24 to 28

Adult classes 16 years and older

No experience required for beginners to advanced.

Learn how to create  a sculpture, choosing from  several media such as stone, metal, wood,plaster, resins, or clay. Discover how to start the process in drawing,  and mapping the 3D form you want to make. Casting, handling tools such chisels, hammers, saws or molding clay.

Spend a week to draw out the sculptor in you.

Space is limited so book early

Weekend pAinting workshop 

Workshops For Adults 15 and older

​July 8 & 9 or July 29 &30

Join us for a weekend of fun discovering the joys of painting and drawing demonstrated by professional artist Allycia Uccello in studio . Bring out the artist within experimenting and playing  with paint that will surprise you resulting in several works of art.

You've said to yourself "one day I'll get out my brushes  and pick up on my painting". Well that day can be yours now  by registering for the dates that work for you.

Here's what we'll cover for these workshops. 

​Drawing fundamentals in composition, thumb nail sketches, scale, and perspective. Painting will cover some colour theory, brush handling, techniques in various materials to achieve textures, masking, washes, resits, overlays, highlights, shadow and much more that result in several paintings.

Brushes, paper and paint is included in the fee.

​Bring a lunch and wear appropriate clothes to paint in. Register early as space is limited.

Week 2.   Strokes OF Genius

July 17 to 21

This week revolves around patterns, designs and forms found in nature. Using a variety of materials in metal, paper, ceramic tile and paints students experiment, design, play with and create a series of projects that will expand their skill set, develop mastery in handling tools, planning, revision, hand eye coordination and perception. Drawing for the first hour of the day starts things off, then students research, develop their  drawings and plan out the projects with a clear understanding of what's needed to create each art piece as it's been demonstrated. With their designs ready students will create

Punched Metal Patterns on aluminum using a set of tools unique to this process. Insects such as a dragonfly, butterfly or beetle in a Mosaic Tile Plaque out of ceramics and wood. Playing with perception students discover how to make Double Vision Pictures out of photos and other printed materials. And the last project to round out the week is String Prints, a fun and surprising way to make colourful abstract images.

Check out the various programs we offer each week.

Allycia's workshops are for students 6 years  to adults.

Peter's sculpture workshops are for students 16 years to adults.

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