Week 1.   The Curious GArden

July  16 to 20

Fairy glow jars
Snow globe jars
Alcohol paintings
Nail sculpture
Print making
The theme for this week centres on the magic and wonder in nature using a variety of materials and techniques to create one of a kind artwork.  Students research a variety of images and models from the natural world of plants and animals and create a series of drawings to begin the process of building and crafting the various projects for the week. the  Each morning for an hour students practice and  gain skills in drawing fundamentals, such as proportion, light and shadow, perspective ,  composition, foreshortenting, scale and much more. Then we launch into the project for the day as listed. 

Week 2.   Under the Sea - Surfs Up

July 23 to 27

Under the Sea-Surf’s up
Water paintings
Sun Photos
Aquarium shadow box
Rainbow paintings
String art

The theme for this week is the mystery and extreme variety of life that abounds under the seas and oceans.  Looking at coral oceans and deep underwater mountains that house a variety of marine life, students research images and work with models to create a variety of art work throughout the week. Each morning starts off with drawing fundamentals, focused on whales, giant squid, dolphins, fish, crabs, sharks, diatoms, and jewel toned corals to name just a few. Following this we launch into the specific projects for the day.


Allycia's workshops are for students 6 years  to adults.

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